COVID-19 Information

As we’ve watched the COVID-19 situation continue to evolve we want you to know that we understand the great sense of uncertainty you might be feeling. We continue to monitor the serious health concerns that follow this virus and the much wider impact it has on our lives and society.


We are grateful for our teams

We must acknowledge our gratefulness for our front-line teams; the caregivers who have overcome their own fears and concerns to continue to serve our residents; our nurses who have faithfully and tirelessly continued to lead each and every day through new and unexpected challenges; our dining services teams that continue to serve healthy meals, our maintenance teams that clean and maintain, and our administrative team who give our residents and families a sense of normalcy and calm through safe visitation, regular updates, and ongoing protocol improvements.

We want to reassure you of our commitment; we are resilient, continually focused on providing quality care and services. Also, in our hyper-focused efforts to serve safely, we will make available adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for our residents and teams as appropriate. Our teams will communicate timely any changes to our visitation procedures and any significant Covid positive numbers in our community.

Your support for us, for our teams, and for our mission helps to motivate our entire team to run with endurance the race that we continue to face. We now recognize this race will be a marathon and not a sprint. Nevertheless, we are prepared and committed to running this race well!



The Aventine Senior Leadership Team