While the idea of leaving your home and moving into a senior living community can be intimidating, many people find that doing so drastically improves their lives. In this post, we’ll explore the perks, both physical and emotional, that seniors often experience once they move into a community like Aventine, along with two resident success stories.


Physical Activity

Exercise has numerous benefits, especially for aging adults. Keeping fit can help manage weight, regulate blood pressure, reduce the incidence of heart disease, improve sleep quality, keep bones strong, and even slow down age-related memory loss.

Aventine Senior Living communities are designed to be pedestrian-friendly, so walking is the most obvious option for getting daily cardio. We also have daily exercise classes such as yoga (seated or standing); Sit & Be Fit, our light aerobics class; and health talks by local care partners. 


Healthy Dining

Senior living communities prioritize crafting healthy meals for their residents. At Aventine, our community chef prepares three meals daily, boasting delicious and healthy food with oversight by registered dietitians. Often, the food is locally sourced to ensure peak freshness and flavor. If you require a special diet, our clinical team works directly with the head of dining to meet your needs. 


Mental Stimulation and Social Interactions

While physical health is crucial for aging adults, mental health is equally important, and keeping the brain active is vital. Our communities explore a variety of ways to engage the minds as well as the bodies of our residents. 

Aventine Senior Living communities offer social activities seven days a week that support the intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and environmental well-being of our residents. Each activity can increase social interaction, stimulate the mind, and engage all residents. 

Our services include providing mentally stimulating activities, including bridge club, poker evenings, travel lectures, and cooking demonstrations. Social outings also include visits to the local library, museums, and more! 


Healthier and Happier Seniors 

Although a senior community may not be the right fit for everyone, there are many mental and physical advantages. Should you or a loved one find you need extra assistance or are in declining health, contact Aventine to see how we can help.


Aventine Resident Success Stories 

Countless seniors who become Aventine Senior Living residents have thrived in our communities. Our staff members take pride in creating an exceptional and engaging day for everyone. Upon entering the community, our clinical team ensures each resident receives person-centered care. Mr. Michael and Ms. Shirley are two great examples of how Aventine’s team members can help our residents improve their health.

Mr. Michael came to our community with muscle weakness, the need for daily assistance, and a high level of care documented by his hospital. Our clinical team completed his assessment and noticed his symptoms could be related to medication he was taking. They found that the anti-cholesterol drug was creating muscle weakness and issues with his liver. With thorough investigation and collaboration with healthcare providers, the team was able to identify the root cause of his ailment. Michael’s anti-cholesterol medication was discontinued, medications were reconciled, physical therapy was initiated, and a robust case management was set in motion.

As he progressed in treatment, he became a Level Care 2 in four months of living in the community and now is a Level Care 0. Michael’s health – physical and mental – continues to improve, which allowed him to discharge from the community and live independently back at his former residence. 

Ms. Shirley joined our community from a nursing home stay following a fall at home. She was using a walker due to weakness and was easily confused. Upon her initial assessment, she was evaluated as a Level Care 4, meaning she would need daily assistance with medication management. 

Our clinical team organized in-house physical therapy, provided a medication management program, and encouraged Shirley to join activities such as bingo, crafts, and other brain-enhancing tasks that align with her interests. Following a few weeks of care with enhanced psychosocial support, Shirley’s ambulatory skills have significantly improved. She feels more comfortable verbalizing her needs and understands how her condition can continually improve with the appropriate treatment regimen and care support.

After one month, Shirley was reevaluated as a Level Care 2. Now, she self-administers her medications competently, ambulates independently, and continues to engage in our daily life-enrichment programs. It’s evident that the whole continuum of care provided by a multi-disciplinary team has helped her to thrive in the community.

Our clinical team completes an internal assessment for all residents and coordinates care requests, labs, and physical care with doctors and other team members. As residents’ health improves, we reevaluate their needs and continue creating a caring and safe environment that supports their overall health and well-being.