Delivering peace of mind for residents, family + staff

Exhaustion or Stroke?

A resident who had been to the ER twice in 3 weeks due to dehydration and COVID was complaining of exhaustion. In hope of skipping the ER, the Aventine staff called Tembo Health. The Tembo Health doctor evaluated the resident and ruled out any concerning conditions which would require an ER visit, such as stroke or sepsis. The clinician recommended an easy to follow care regimen and, to be on the safe side, had a mobile lab service visit the resident in their room to conduct an EKG and obtain a mobile chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. 

Care Between PCP Appointments

When a new resident was in danger of running out of critical medication, the Aventine staff called Tembo Health for help. The resident had only a few more days of medication left, but had no one to refill the prescription as the resident wouldn’t see their new primary care physician for over four weeks. The Tembo Health clinician was able to evaluate the resident and their medical history to safely renew the prescription until the resident could see their new doctor.

When Falls Don’t Mean the ER

A resident tripped on their shoelace, fell and hit their head. The Aventine staff wondered if the resident needed to go to the hospital. After consulting the resident’s spouse, they decided to call Tembo Health instead. The Tembo doctor conducted an exam and, with input by the resident’s spouse and staff, determined that the resident could safely remain at the community. The doctor advised the Aventine staff to regularly check on the resident and to have a followup call with a Tembo Health clinician as needed.

Caring for COVID

When a resident tested positive for COVID, the Aventine staff called Tembo Health to get the best care regimen. The Tembo Health doctor assessed the resident and determined that they could safely recover within the community. The doctor discussed proper isolation methods to prevent the spread of COVID to other residents and staff. Additionally, the doctor reviewed with the staff and family an easy care regimen, including a list of symptoms for which to have a follow-up appointment.