With the arrival of New Year’s, people are often overwhelmed with messages encouraging major life changes for a better life. This time of year provides a unique but natural tendency to reminisce about the time that passed and consider what is to come. Instead of letting this pervasive sentiment quickly turn from motivational to discouraging, tackling habits, old and new, take advantage of the New Year’s momentum with these simple, yet lasting intentions.

Connect weekly with others

Don’t let a week go by without a text, call, video chat or gathering with loved ones. Whether or not you’re related by blood, maintaining an active social life is vital for a fuller, richer life. Every moment you can cherish with others, you are getting support emotionally, mentally and physically.

Enjoy 10 minutes of movement a day

Take at least 10 minutes for joyful activity, no matter your physical level. Don’t dread the routine by doing something you delight in. Choose a leisurely walk, weight-bearing workout, relaxing stretch routine, energizing dance class or something different every day. You can even grab a friend or two to add some bonus social energy!

Dedicate 5 daily minutes to your mental health

Even if you only have those few minutes, find a feasible time every day devoted to mindfulness. Whether you journal, meditate or attend a therapy session, by investing in your mental and emotional well-being, you are investing in the foundation from which every area of your life can thrive.

Declutter 10 items for resale or donation.

Incorporate a sense of freedom and control by reducing your inventory by just a few items. Not only will this promote the clarity of both your mind and space, but you also have the opportunity to take something that no longer serves you to bring excitement to someone else!

Fuel your body

Under the supervision of a medical provider, avoid the restriction of fad diets. Just like choosing a gemstone, simply remember two “Cs”—color and clarity. Drink some water and choose a fruit and/or vegetable you enjoy every day.

Maintain your annual check-up

It may seem obvious, but regardless of your age or health status, visit your primary care physician at least once a year. This is a sure way to give a medical professional the chance to check in on you and for you to ask questions, address concerns and receive tailored guidance for a balanced, healthy lifestyle.