You can’t always time exactly when you will need medical care. This is especially true in an emergency such as a late-night fall, sudden cough or dementia-related complications. The value of having a healthcare professional available at all times cannot be overstated. Aventine Senior Living partnership with Tembo Health now guarantees this benefit for all residents!

When you enroll in Tembo Health, you no longer have to immediately rely on a trip to the hospital with hours of waiting time and thousands of dollars in bills. No matter the day or time, you will have access to a doctor via telemedicine in just minutes. About 75% of visits to the hospital can be managed at home by the Tembo Health team of board-certified physicians who will coordinate care, labs and more for every patient.

Designed with seniors in mind, 98% of families recommend Tembo Health due to their available services:

  • 24/7 Urgent Care
  • Comprehensive Medical Screenings
  • Health Coaching 
  • World-Class Physicians
  • PCP and Caregiver Coordination
  • On-Site Lab and Diagnostic Services
  • Virtual Appointments accessible anywhere

Learn more by visiting TemboHealth.com. You will be on your way to 24/7 professional healthcare no matter when you need it, or when you least expect it. 

Tembo Health is a new community-covered benefit. Visits are billed to insurance and a co-pay may apply.